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How can overly empathetic/sympathetic people compete in this world? Do they eventually end up jaded and bitter?

The saying goes "nice guys finish last". I interpret that "nice" means overly empathetic/sympathetic people who sacrifice themselves for others happiness. Kindness seems to be a sign of weakness in that saying, as though people prey on those kind-hearted people. If it were true, then how do kind people compete in this world? Is it some kind of evolutionary Yin and Yang, where a balance of certain personalities need to exist for progress to happen or do people have peaks and troughs of kindness in them?

Update: Thought I'd share a fascinating article found in the comments below:


It is about the differences between being nice and being kind.


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

Thank you all for your well thought comments. I have learned a lot and I hope you've all taken some knowledge from this as well.

Be mindful of those around you and tread lightly on the paths made by your brothers and sisters of humankind.

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  • Jan 23 2013: The truth is that you and your sociopath have
    formed a symbiotic relationship. You may think
    you owe him nothing, but the relationship
    matters to the sociopath in ways you cannot
    guess or understand. You may think the
    sociopath respects your boundaries, but the sociopath will not be sympathetic to your
    assertions of your needs. The sociopath does not
    have or respect boundaries. The sociopath has his
    needs, too, and will fight to make sure that they
    are met. You do not want to get into an all-out
    fight with a sociopath when the sociopath feels like his survival is threatened. You will lose.

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