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Why do you think there aren't as many vocal leaders as there has been throughout history?

I have been thinking for awhile there is a lack of leadership outside of the politicians. In all other time periods there have been leaders for different causes whom people looked up to and respected such as the obvious examples Ghandi, MLK Jr., Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, etc etc.. Why do you think people aren't put up on the pedestal behind the podium to ignite positive progress anymore? Branching off of that do you think the people in todays world would be accepting of that? Would that style of leadership be good in todays climate?

One of the reasons that i've been contemplating is that whenever someone advocates for change they are viewed as different and they are cast aside because the people don't want to upset the system it seems like. Another major factor i think plays into it is nobody wants to sacrifice. For major groundbreaking change to occur people will need to put there necks on the line for the group, people will get beat up by cops, people will get thrown in jail, and i see that as a key factor in why for lesser or for more "Revolutions" don't happen anymore.


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    Jan 16 2013: My first thought was “The media”

    As soon as a leader starts to gain in popularity, the media jump on them and drag them into the mud.

    But instead I'll say that today's people realize that one person is not the single expert in all areas, and true wisdom does not come from a single person but from the crowd.

    So you could say crowd-source is the great leader of the day.
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      Jan 16 2013: I agree with your second sentence but in response to the points stated later do you not think the crowd, without a focused agenda is ineffective? People are smart, the masses are stupid, thats been proven over time.

      I definitely agree no one is an expert in all areas and no one should try and provoke change with such a claim, but on the other hand a strong leader with a high moral standing and character can get the crowd thinking about the right things and get people to question the current state.
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        Jan 17 2013: With the growing diversity in crowd-source groups, only people interested in the subject will flock to it.
        One reason crowd-source works do great is because it is not limited to a select smart group, it is better to have a mixture of smart, wise, educated and poorly-educated that is to say a group that all don’t think alike.
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          Jan 17 2013: Well with all of the major changes that have happened they have all been pretty diverse groups in regards of thought process and personal agenda.
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      Jan 29 2013: Media was also my first thought. It is humane to have weaknesses and make mistakes, but somehow for the media that is always a "shock and sensation" that a person behind great thoughts might also have not so great weaknesses. Amounts of information we get theses days destroys the allure and wholesome image a leader is expected to have.

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