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Why do you think there aren't as many vocal leaders as there has been throughout history?

I have been thinking for awhile there is a lack of leadership outside of the politicians. In all other time periods there have been leaders for different causes whom people looked up to and respected such as the obvious examples Ghandi, MLK Jr., Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, etc etc.. Why do you think people aren't put up on the pedestal behind the podium to ignite positive progress anymore? Branching off of that do you think the people in todays world would be accepting of that? Would that style of leadership be good in todays climate?

One of the reasons that i've been contemplating is that whenever someone advocates for change they are viewed as different and they are cast aside because the people don't want to upset the system it seems like. Another major factor i think plays into it is nobody wants to sacrifice. For major groundbreaking change to occur people will need to put there necks on the line for the group, people will get beat up by cops, people will get thrown in jail, and i see that as a key factor in why for lesser or for more "Revolutions" don't happen anymore.


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    Jan 16 2013: Only courageous men and women of intergrity and character in leadership positions would speak against injustice and corruption.
    Courage that would require a firm and truthful stand on the global village scale, is threatened by the appeal of conformity, and the aversion for painful truths.
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      Jan 16 2013: This aligns with my thought process exactly but i cant figure out if its due to people cowering away from the limelight or if it is the people who suffocate the individual/ movement.

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