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Is hydraulic fracturing the answer especially when you take in consideration the environmental impact it is having?

Hydraulic fracturing is polluting the underground water which comes up through the cracks caused by the fracturing of the rock & ends up in our water ways. I think we have enough pollutants to deal with above & below the ground now!!


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    Jan 22 2013: G’day TED Community

    I thought the link I supplied to do with the science teacher conducting a debate about hydraulic fracturing in her class was one of the best links supplied as I thought it showed an unbiased approach to the discussion, I wonder how that would go on here? No I don’t think so as it got rather unsavoury towards the end, if you step on other people’s ego that is bad enough but when you question their livelihood one must expect unsavoury rebuttals.

    The debate on hydraulic fracturing is by no means an easy debate to manage as it’s very much in line with whaling or deforestation; again you are questioning other people’s livelihoods & tastes. Do we keep using up all the resources until there is nothing left & at the same time pollute what’s left over is a huge debate that will go on forever or until we kill ourselves of.

    To me any further practices that is going to pollute areas of our planet that aren’t already polluted is insane & unethical, we must allow inventions like with harnessing energy from salt water as was shown in one of the links supplied & other inventions that are & where disallowed because of the impact on the world economy to come forth, to disallow such clean energy inventions for the sake of the economy is utterly illogical because we won’t have an economy if we kill ourselves off.

    I would like to thank everyone who participated in this debate; we didn’t resolve anything but we did show how apposing we are on the topic of hydraulic fracturing….Thank You TED


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