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Is hydraulic fracturing the answer especially when you take in consideration the environmental impact it is having?

Hydraulic fracturing is polluting the underground water which comes up through the cracks caused by the fracturing of the rock & ends up in our water ways. I think we have enough pollutants to deal with above & below the ground now!!


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    Jan 21 2013: The problem with fracking is the economic momentum behind it. That momentum is like gravity. It will not allow you to jump off just because you have a great idea. In a way it (petro-science economic momentum) is like a black hole that will not allow even the light of a good idea escape. It cannot do it even if it wanted to. Who do we have to thank for this? No matter. It will take an unprecedented mass revolt against it to annihilate it. Even the petro industry has solar and wind properties already in place to hedge against such a revolt, just as Ralph Nader predicted in the 1970s. It's time for a global retroactive BTU producers tax.
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      Jan 21 2013: Have you been paying attention? This whole conversation is someone's school work and not worth the thought.
      However, your idea of a global BTU producers tax is noteworthy, let's go one step farther. Let us all turn out the lights and close the doors. Everyone goes back to the caves to live just like before the last ice age. No economic momentum by anyone and the the environment will be pristine.

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