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Is hydraulic fracturing the answer especially when you take in consideration the environmental impact it is having?

Hydraulic fracturing is polluting the underground water which comes up through the cracks caused by the fracturing of the rock & ends up in our water ways. I think we have enough pollutants to deal with above & below the ground now!!


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    Jan 20 2013: G’day TED Community

    I’ve joined a NOETIC (IONS) site which is a science oriented organisation who conducts their own experiments, one of the things studies is on thought & how it defines how we are going to conduct ourselves through certain taught thought principles & how this affects our lives. You might think what has this to do with hydraulic fracturing? Everything because it’s our train of thought that is telling us that we need more energy to sustain ourselves no matter what.

    Consumerist materialism is but one train or mode of thought we can have & had in human history. So how did we ever get to where we are at without consumerist materialistic thought modes running our lives throughout history? We didn’t use the energy we are now in the past because we were not thinking in consumerist materialistic modes of thought but in a quite a different mode that didn’t, to the same extent, destroy our very environment we rely on to exist.

    The US uses more energy per populous than any other country in the world because why? It’s thinking mode that it wants more & more no matter how it gets it & what it does to the rest of the world. People in the world are getting tired of the gluttonous ways of the US because we are paying for the US to live in this gluttonous consumerist materialistic way which we are paying for in more ways than one.

    What benefits do we get in Australia from these wells? Higher fuel prices, higher natural gas prices & why? Because the US & its gluttonous consumerist materialistic way of living. If we stopped thinking in a mode of consumerist materialism, as we have done in the past life would be somewhat different than what it is today as IONS has proved.

    We are made to believe that we need all these possessions to live a happy for filling life but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the more possessions we are made to believe we want the richer the big boys get not just through energy but what energy produces.

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      Jan 21 2013: Now it all comes out, this whole conversation was some sort of games you wanted to play.
      I am the most gullible in these matters, I always believe that people are interested in a real exchange of ideas.
      Fair enough. I would apologize that Australians are paying higher prices for what is happening a half world away, as if I could believe any statement made, but I have heard the old "the USA uses 25% of the world's resources" and only has 5% percent of the world population" . What was never said is the rest of the statement. "they produce 30% of the world's out put. Today that is changing, China and India are growing their output. Oh, and using more resources. Soon you can add those Indians and Chinese to your list of gluttonous, consumerist, materialistic peoples.
      PS I checked out Australia, you guys aren't doing to bad on the consumerism scale.
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        Jan 21 2013: G’day Mike

        Yes you should pat yourselves on the back in helping China & India produce more pollution as we needed more pollution in the world, well done indeed, have you stopped patting yourself on the back yet. It’s about time you admitted in helping out in stuffing up the rest of the world & yes we are one of the countries you have helped in this area. You actually help other countries produce more pollution & you’re patting yourself on the back……I’m dumb founded!!!!

        I don’t care who is into consumerist materialism it’s going the way of the dinosaur one way or another either by waking up to ourselves or killing ourselves off all together which of course it looks like the latter because people like you seem to be a dime a dozen.

        If countries like the US use more commodities don’t you think that it will put the price up around the world even half way around the world but your actually saying it doesn’t obviously, you should get your facts right first before discussing something you obviously know nothing about Mike, please as at times I feel like I’m talking to an ignoramus.

        Tell me who devised this consumerist plan in the 50’s so we could use more energy & inturn pollute the world & make the big boys even more wealthier after the second world war? I will give you a guise, he was a US citizen.

        I don’t think it would matter what proof I came up with your going to bury your head in the sand, I just hope not all Americans are like you, in actual fact I know they’re not.

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          Jan 21 2013: You are right, I am not the sharpest tack in the box but, I addressed your question with the most honest responses I could make based on my experiences and knowledge. Granted, I hold the opinion that each individual is responsible for his own destiny whether it be to live in a cave or build a huge financial empire selling energy products. Whatever path is chosen, it should be done with honesty and integrity. You have not been so open and you cloak yourself in an organization NOETIC with its rating on quackwatch.com. So, I wish you well there in the outback, watching for bad waters from the local fracking operation.

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