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Is hydraulic fracturing the answer especially when you take in consideration the environmental impact it is having?

Hydraulic fracturing is polluting the underground water which comes up through the cracks caused by the fracturing of the rock & ends up in our water ways. I think we have enough pollutants to deal with above & below the ground now!!


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    Jan 20 2013: Mathew,
    Let me understand... Fracking, the process for gathering more energy... energy which is the life blood of the entire human civilization, has long term environmental impacts that will bring negative effects on humans. Assuming that these negative impacts are not being mitigated and are being "covered up" ... for profit motives?? is your premise that you are not sure and that is not a good sign.
    What would it take to reassure you that all is not lost and you have reasonable expectations to live a long and healthy life? What could I or any one say that could alleviate your concerns?
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      Jan 20 2013: G’day Mike

      What would it take for me to reassure you it is harming people & the environment right now as we speak, I think I have shown through various links that this is exactly what is happening but of course because you are directly benefiting from such ventures you’re going to defend it to the bitter end. People out in Australia like myself might be benefiting in some way but I I’m not blinded by my pocket to the obvious negative effects as you are.


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