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Is hydraulic fracturing the answer especially when you take in consideration the environmental impact it is having?

Hydraulic fracturing is polluting the underground water which comes up through the cracks caused by the fracturing of the rock & ends up in our water ways. I think we have enough pollutants to deal with above & below the ground now!!


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  • Jan 17 2013: Anyone who is using coal for their electricity, gasoline in their car, using sugar in their coffee or buying plastic from China is promoting devastating ecological damage.

    There isn't much that is attractive about Hydraulic Fracturing, but it's a lesser of evils compared to the current fuel production system. Getting the US and Canada off of "foreign oil" would be a big plus, might even help to rebalance the world economy and thin the cash funds away from religious terrorist groups.

    Personally, I believe that we have more to fear from the damage done to the Everglades and reef system off the coast of Florida due to the sugar industry, thanks to fertilizers, the canal drainage systems and the clearing of forests... and nobody rallied for the displaced Seminoles.
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      Jan 17 2013: G'day Addam

      Obviously you didn't read & watch the links supplied.....We are polluting the air the ground & now with hyrdaulic fracturing the subterranean basin so whtat's so good about hydraulic fracturing again?

      On top of obviously polluting the subterranean basin the toxic wast from the drilling process needs to be disposed of as well.

      If the multinationals didn't keep squashing clean free energy inventions I think we would be a lot better of than polluting the subterranean basin with hydraulic fracturing.

      • Jan 17 2013: I've seen the evidence as presented from both wings, Coke AND Pepsi. I'm a green, btw, total enviro-geek, vegan and all.

        And I'd like to agree with you but sentences like "multinationals didn't keep squashing clean free energy inventions" are a real turn off in logical discussion.

        They don't exist, your technology gods, it's too close to "conspiracy theory".

        I'm not saying "it can't happen"... but I am saying that we are using coal and oil, and your laptop is powered that way just as surely as mine. I don't recall that Tesla ever finished figuring out the "free, clean energy" thing, and Atlas may have shrugged - the fact is that we have been dumping tons of US and allied currency into "securing the Middle East" and the same time our citizens are paying for both sides of the fight. Doesn't matter if we're there for the purpose of securing oil, we buy oil from there regardless.

        Hydraulic fracturing is a way of opening a domestic energy source that is cleaner and more efficient than coal or oil. It's not pretty, but neither are the coal mountains or the oil fields. It's not optimal, it pollutes, but imagine if we had been using natural gas powered container trucks instead of diesel for the last 15 years, imagine how much less carbon would be in the air, how much less cash out of the pockets of those multinationals.

        As far as i'm aware, the biggest heads in the oil biz are just as aware of the "end of big oil" as the rest of us, perhaps more poignantly so - and some of them have lost the most money on attempts at generating "clean energy" through solar and wind collection.

        Of course, windmills face the same "Not In My Back Yard" problem that hydro-frac'ing does, and solar fields take up great swathes of desert, killing fields of cacti and spiny lizards.

        We demand energy, we can demand *clean* energy, but we don't stop using dirty energy.

        You can't really feel good about your sugar, and eat it too.

        Unless you're Ed Begley Jr, of course.
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          Jan 18 2013: G’day Addam

          I agree with you that it is a cleaner alternative than what we have been using however it’s just as toxic if not more so. Take a look at this link http://www.mining.com/tag/hydraulic-fracturing/

          I’m not into conspiracy theories either however I am in direct contact with a source that confirms that the multinational have stopped such inventions coming onto the markets. If you think about it what would the multinational get out of free clean energy & what would it do to the world economy, of course they will stop such inventions, I think that’s obvious.

          You seem to have excluded all the toxins that are attributed to hydraulic fracturing, like I said we have already polluted the air the ground & now with hydraulic fracturing the subterranean basin which so many rely on for clean water plus by the sounds of it it’s going to run into the sea through underground rivers but it doesn’t stop there the toxic material coming out of the wells has to be dumped somewhere as well.

          I’m sorry but some people are conned to believe that this is our only alternative to what we have been doing, is space next on the list I wonder?


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