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Is economics a science aimed at deceiving people?

I recently heard in the news that Spain faces an imminent economic ruin, because statistically there are going to be lots of elderly people who are unproductive. This devastating message was announced by some highly educated economist.
Am I alone in thinking that a large pool of potential customers is an opportunity rather than a threat? In my view the senior citizens are a blessing to the economy. Younger people will find lots of employment in extending their loving care to them, particularly to those without a family. Elderly people need to be looked after by doctors, physiotherapists, entertainers, they will want to travel and to play etc etc and they have their retirement pensions to pay for all these things.
I believe that economists are either spun out as not to be able to think reasonably or that they disseminate false statements on purpose to further oppress the population at large. Judging by their looks, the latter is the case.
Another good example of how economists bend the reality to serve their cunning aims, is how they insist that at the time of mass unemployment, the retirement age should be ... extended! In other words economists propose that where there is a shortage of jobs, those jobs which could be made available, will not be available. Is that standing the world on its head or what?


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    Jan 17 2013: Just curious, Jarek- you write that 'judging by their looks", "they disseminate false statements on purpose."

    I am trying to understand this statement.

    I am also curious whether you ACTUALLY think that economics as a discipline is aimed at deceiving people. If so, what other disciplines do you believe are aimed at deceiving people?
    • Jan 18 2013: Fritzie, the economist's looks - those who appear in the media - suggest that they are well educated, intelligent people capapable of understanding the fallacy of their own statements.

      When I suggested in my post that economics is a science aimed at deceiving people, I did so in order to pique and provoke a chance viewer. In fact I believe that economics is as neutral and innocent as any other branch of social sciences as long as it is not hijacked by a certain class of people in order to lead by the nose another much more populous class of people :-)

      In aswer to your last question, I would say that all money/trade etc related disciplines are prone to be dishonestly employed which is not the same as to say that was their original raison d'etre.
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        Jan 18 2013: Thank you. That is what I suspected you actually thought.

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