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When do you keep pushing and when is it time to give up?

Learning to pick battles is an important life lesson. While working with people who have very different views is valuable in many respects, when does it cross the line into a battle of egos that doesn't move you closer to a goal? Please share experiences and insights you've had...be they professional or personal.


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    Jan 16 2013: When I get a request for something I have found that I need to dig into their request, because often what they ask for is just a path to their goal. And once I know their goal I can help in a way that makes them happy with the results I produce and thus I earn respects.

    There are some people that simple enjoy conflicts/ego-battles, and the only answer is to stay away from them. (To me having low stress is more important than winning an ego battle.)
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      Jan 16 2013: SO true, Don. I often think of the motive behind a request or statement. Quite often what they're asking for isn't the original request at all.

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