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Director of Instructional Technology, Fontbonne University, St Louis, MO USA


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When do you keep pushing and when is it time to give up?

Learning to pick battles is an important life lesson. While working with people who have very different views is valuable in many respects, when does it cross the line into a battle of egos that doesn't move you closer to a goal? Please share experiences and insights you've had...be they professional or personal.


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    Jan 15 2013: Nice to see you again, Amy. I assume you are asking about interactions among adults. When the matter is important and the listener influential and potentially open-minded, persistence makes more sense in terms of energy and resources than when the issue is not very important, the person not influential (in the sense of likely to hurt others), and the person clearly is not open, for whatever reason, to views other than the ones he holds most dear. Of course the calculation is different for a person who gets pleasure from argument itself. [I am not including situations when the other person is violent or psychopathic or something, in which case cutting away quickly may be well warranted!]
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      Jan 16 2013: Nice to see you too, Fritzie! Yes, I am definitely talking adults. Children are a whole different ball game :) I really love the notion of a formula as it were. The influence of the individual is a significant factor.

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