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Linking our accounts on TED with other social networks

What if you could link your TED profile to Facebook and Twitter and publish the activities you chose to be shared with your Facebook/Twitter friends, i'm not suggesting to share the content itself, just the action (Made a comment/Favorited a Talk/engaged in a debate with a link to the original content on TED.com


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    Jan 15 2013: I don't have a facebook account, so I probably don't care. Why would you not want people to share the comment itself, as it would save a step for the reader?
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      Jan 16 2013: We want to drive traffic into TED.com not out! sharing the comment itself wouldn't make the community managers at TED.com very happy :) but it's not just traffic... you want the user to check out the whole thing, he might see something not mentioned in your topic but it's on TED and he/she was interested to know more, the content is here to explore !
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        Jan 16 2013: Yeah, I was just thinking, Salah, that people are so rushed that if they don't see the comment itself they might not take the time to go to ted.

        Why would sharing the comment itself not make the community managers at TED.com very happy? I'm thinking sharing the comments themselves might bring more people to TED as people would really see what the website is about. I can admit there is a space problem, that millions of TED comments would certainly increase the size of Facebook, et al.

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