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Is Middle School an Effective Educational Entity?

I came across a very interesting teacher's perspective on the middle school recently. After reading it, I realized that one inherent issue with middle school is that it has always and still does lack definition. Yes, one could argue that it is defined by its title...a "middle school" that is between elementary and high school. However, is it treated as such? Not in many districts. Should the middle school follow a curriculum and structure of its own? Are tweens a group of their own? I think so. I think the middle school needs to be examined very carefully. I feel that the majority of high-school drop outs don't wait until high school to fall behind, give up, and drop out. At the same time, most fifth graders are still trying hard, trying to please their teachers, parents, etc.

The document that I found that made me start to consider this issue is available upon request. There are undeniable issues with what teachers are being asked to do in Middle Schools across the nation. I think the time has come to look more closely at those who have for so long been neglected.


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  • Jan 14 2013: • look up the COGAT scores
    • be aware of accommodations for ICS
    • prepare for the NJASK
    • teach ELA
    • post your SWBAT
    • accommodate ESL
    • know who has ADD, AD/HD, or ADD/In
    • consult with the CST before recommending a student to INRS
    • read the BOE minutes
    • familiarize yourself with FERPA
    • he’s here because it’s the LRE
    • promote him because of NCLB
    • collect the papers for the PTA
    • and at the end of every week…TGIF!

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