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Is prayer a form of placebo or is there evidence of divine intervention in the answering of prayers?

It was recently suggested to me that I conduct an experiment on whether prayer "works." The suggestion was that I keep a journal , direct my prayers to Jesus, and keep track of whether my prayers get answered. This is hardly qualities as an experiment in a scientific sense, but it does raise interesting questions.
My question, which prompted the suggestion, was "Which god would one pray to since every religion has (or has had) a god(s)." Clearly, people pray to all gods, and they might even claim their prayers get answered.
Considering this question further seems to indicate that there must be a mental aspect to prayer, irrespective of religions.

Therefore, this is not a debate about religion, rather it is a discuss about the brain and the mind, and whether a placebo effect is a part of praying.
Why does prayer "seem" to work?
Hopefully, this debate can explore praying in a scientific way.


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    Jan 16 2013: We knew our heart drive our body, our brain drives our thoughts and decisions.

    As humans being a curious creature we wanted to know what drives these both. As we the humans have the tendency to follow the breadcrumb believing it will lead us to something new. We used our imagination and gut feelings and assumed/ identified that it is the mind that drives our heart and brain.

    And again comes the curious creature wanting to know what drives the mind.

    So we came up with GOD so that we don't have to pursue this endless journey and convinced ourselves.

    We from humans perspective we see things in such bottom up fashion, But on the other side GOD who actually exists knows this from the Top Down approach, which is actually the original work. Others are only depictions of this original work in many forms.

    God is to Human being, what a Human is to an ant.

    An any point an ant will never know that something called human exist. All it will know is that there are threats at times and food some time. They might have assumed the human intervention to something else which we will only know if we are intelligent enough to understand its brain or they should be our creations which they are not.

    In the same way humans are not capable of understanding GOD, we have no idea in what proportion our assumptions and reality are laid in.

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