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Human rights world-wide

Even though there are many organizations around the world that try to protect human rights, we are still in the primitive stage. we need a world that will not deprive human beings from there basic rights and from any other right that one think it's necessary for one to live.

the right to talk and the right to work are becoming too restrictive so we need to change all that.


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    Jan 21 2013: There is saying in Arabic which could translate literally to "those who do not have will not give", so those that live in places where human basic rights are provided, may not believe or even perceive that some countries deny basic rights to its people. Of course I don't mean here that its only governments that need to respect human rights, iI mean any one of us should respect human rights. The right to eat, drink, speak, earn, work, learn, good health, have water and electricity, and so one are not provided in certain areas and certain countries. Why should people in India for example live in the slumps, and why people in Africa suffer from aids? when natural resources are plenty, and are taken by a few in those countries. Why countries that have oil also have poor people? mal distribution of wealth is the main reason for denying human rights.

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