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Human rights world-wide

Even though there are many organizations around the world that try to protect human rights, we are still in the primitive stage. we need a world that will not deprive human beings from there basic rights and from any other right that one think it's necessary for one to live.

the right to talk and the right to work are becoming too restrictive so we need to change all that.


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  • Jan 18 2013: Apparently not too many here think Human Rights are important.
    I wonder if they will change their minds if any and all rights disappear or
    if any wind up with no rights sometime in their very near future.

    Our Human Needs should be Human Rights.
    Things like food, shelter, medicine, education, clothing, transportation, water, just to begin on the right page.
    Those are the same for everyone, everywhere in the world.
    Perhaps we might be able to all agree on them, but then again, maybe not.

    Too bad that some people might actually believe that way.
    Well, one thing for sure, in my mind is that people who think that way, are not one of my human needs and
    I wish they would get the hell off this planet.

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