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Is Happiness a conservative, status-quo concept?

"Money can't buy happiness". Many of us think this statement is more or less true. But what are the broader implications of this statement? After all, if "the pursuit of happiness" is delayed by acquiring wealth, than why should the government be promoting initiatives to raise the economic tide through assistance to business OR welfare policies? In other words, is the pursuit of Happiness a fundamentally conservative, status-quo idea? An interesting article on this subject is posted below - but what do you think?


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  • Jan 15 2013: The question that comes up for me is Why? Why should happiness matter to me so much? I know, experience and recall the scientific, sociological, emotional and spiritual reasons. I find these everywhere I look. Yet, no matter where in the world any one person is, the topic of happiness is one that pops itself in thoughts, ideas, feelings and conversations. So, Why? Why does it matter to each one of us so much?

    I will offer my reason. It is just one reason... It may mean something or nothing, but for me, my reason to seek happiness is because with it I get to enjoy having fun while living. I get to enjoy laughter, eating delicious food, having conversations... and on and on and on.

    And, again Why? comes up again for me. Why should THAT matter...? (yes, we could go ad nauseum! ;)) But, it matters, because it simply does. And, I have found that the moment I completely come to terms with the fact that it does matter and I DO care about how I feel, what I think, how my health is and what I seek, it is then that I actually see the enjoyment in what is occurring in that particular moment. It is then that I reach the conclusion that I am willing to do absolutely anything in order to maintain and sustain that happiness. It is then that I stop riding the waves and drowning in the depths. It is then that I release all worry and anxiety and fully live. It is then that I find true happiness.

    Have you ever thought about why it matters to you?

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