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A list of positive contributions for every group that collectively makes our today's world

We are often clouded with the bitter realities and events around ourselves. We are too quick to make snap judgements and form instantaneous opinions about people, countries, faith systems and cultures based on a single negative event or an incident. For example: Shootings at schools doesn’t mean that the whole US culture is a trigger happy, gun totting paranoid culture. Similarly, a group of fundamental thinking closed uneducated culture of terrorism ideologies doesn’t speak for the rest of the progressive, developing and forwarding thinking Muslim world.
Almost every Continent, Country, Culture, Faith and Race have made several great positive contributions to our world in many small and big ways that has helped the world we live in today. Sadly, many people from these places themselves are unaware or educated about their positive histories and contributions and often grow up blinded with the bitter negative realities. Often other countries and people are also unaware of such positive contributions and form poor judgement and ideas about the every shrinking world of cultures.
Would a website or a easily accessible list of positive contributions made by each Country, culture and race help inspire the future generations to understand their positive history and progress towards extending their great legacies by further contributions into the future?

The idea is to educate the world and the respective individuals from each of these categories to realize their potential and develop further. Also this will help educate everyone and hold a lot more respect for each others culture, country, background etc.

Often people are blinded by the arrogance of their own country’s and culture achievements to an extent where they have very little respect and regard for others without realizing their great contributions too.


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    Jan 21 2013: Hello Maaher,
    Very good thought process indeed i really liked the way you have presented your idea.
    Do you think will it be good enough if we start a subject of 'positive contributions made by respective countries' as part of curriculum during school days along with the website that you have though about.?

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