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An Educational Initiative on non-pharmacological treatment and correction of Anxiety Dis-orders.

117.M people in America suffer with Anxiety disorder, and currently the medical & mental health establishment believes only medications, many of them addictive is the cure! It is NOT, they are merely be a bridge to amend, to calm the horrid symptoms, but the 'cure' is seeking a qualified clinical counseling hypnotherapist to deal and clear the root/core issue at the subconscious levels of mind activity, where habituation arises, and literally straighten the 'kink', permanently.

Not all people have sustained anxiety, most people will have in the least an episode in their life time, then there are others in which Anxiety Disorder is situational, such as having to give a presentation or report to your colleagues, Public speaking anxiety is the number one leading situational anxiety dealt with, so it is only upon those circumstances it rears it's ugly head. So, 117m American's dealing and/or suffering encompasses all of the manifestations of anxiety disorders from Situational, General (being uncomfortable in your own skin) OCD, PTS &D, Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, Eating disorders (body dysmorphia) Phobias, some Depressive disorders, Addictions (often self regulating/medicating)... to name the majority of underlying anxiety and anxiety dis-orders.

There are currently 27 drugs in the market and 600 being designed by drug manufactures...and these but deal with the SYMPTOMS, not the underlying core/root issues. There are reliable, effective, non drug treatment to deal, clear and relieve Anxiety Disorder. Is this what we want, 117.M people medicated? Not says I, with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist the disorder can be Eradicated, Corrected, Relieved... really, I do it every day in my practice. Every Day.

It is time to educate Doctors, Healthcare Practitioners, all level of mental/ healthcare providers on Anxiety/Panic disorders, as well as the public.


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  • Jan 14 2013: 6) Correction & Treatment:
    To restore previous 'wiring' or creating the most effective methodology is a two pronged approach, Cognitive behavioral training and Hypnotherapy.

    Cognitive training involves learning how your brain and mind functions, knowing you are Safe, in Control and practicing shifting your Thoughts into the Present. This is achieved through controlled breathing techniques, relaxation of *key muscles, sipping room temperature water, to leach the adrenaline out of your system, using a Mint product, such as tea or breath mint and giving yourself messages that all is well. It is foremost your incorrect Thinking that recreates the anxiety or panic.

    Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind, where the habit pattern is entrenched and re-wired. Your subconscious is that portion of your mind that allows one to effortlessly and smoothly respond to the world. For example: When getting into your vehicle, you do not need to Remember how to drive the car, you simply place the key in the ignition and drive. After driving for a while you habituate yourself to the correct gear to engage, peddle to press, maintaining observance of rear-view and side-view mirrors, sense of space (of vehicle), obeying traffic laws, etc.

    Hypnosis, which is simply the shifting of perception or focus, through the process of relaxing the body & focusing the mind, when your body is relaxed both your conscious and subconscious levels of mind activity are more receptive to suggestions & directions and easily gets to the core or root issue of (faulty) anxiety (wiring) and is able to construct the new neuronal pathway often in a singular session. With repeated sessions, usually two additional the re-wiring is complete. With both new skill sets with cognitive training and hypnosis the dis-order is corrected. This is accomplished within three weeks for nearly everyone.
    Kate Ellis,ccht.

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