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Forget this GE engineering as we need to learn more before using this technology so widely. Consider the Monsanto efforts with GMO crops.

All new tecknology is not safe and GE tecknology is not safe yet, maybe some day it will be but right now the push to make money dominates safety efforts and regulatory controls. The supersonic transport is a case in point and so is nuclear power. I am not a Luddite, but shooting genes into DNA molecules hoping for the best is like shooting with a machine gun into a crowd to kill one terrorist., The gene engineers know better but once the idea of stopping disease, etc. gains hold, caution is out the window. Genetic engineering is not precise as many believe, go deeper TED people and learn more before you make popular talks. Genetic pollution is forever. And GE projects pollute the Bioshpere, permanently. Caution is the better part of valor.


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  • Feb 5 2013: Peter, check your assumptions. All good scientists do that.
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      Feb 5 2013: good scientists don't make assumptions they draw conclusions based on data. And I still don't know what supersonic transport you are refering to. Google just gives me concordes and tupolevs. Could you supply a link?
      • Feb 5 2013: Peter, all arguments start with assumptions. Good scientists start with assumptions, then test, evaluate evidence (which you have not done adequately), then make conclusions, then speculations. I am not in a pissing contest with you but these short bits back and forth are not the best way to converse. The Corcord controversy was one time I remember when technology was challenged. DDT also comes to mind. That's my field, being an entomologist. I would not bother to converse if I thought you did not care about what you teach. But I would be better inclined if you would get the book by J, Smith, and then come up with a response to specific studies. Kind regard, bill olkowski 805-636-1789.
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          Feb 6 2013: I'm sorry I have no interest in Jeffrey Smith's book as a book written about a branch of scientific enquiry by some one with no training in science is pointless. I did watch the documentary on youtube but was left waiting for actual evidence to support his claims. As far as I'm aware there was no concorde controversy just an unfortunate accident that was entirely not related to the concorde itself. The next plane down the runway was going to hit the debris no matter what kind of plane it was.

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