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Is there anything that a human being can never possibly do?

We humans are so overwhelmed with the millions of actions that we perform everyday. We call ourselves multitaskers and have todo lists and sometimes are concerned about over todo lists being overloaded.

But there should be zillions of things that human beings can never be able to do or are incapable of doing.

We might not have thought much about them. So thinking in this new perspective might create some new connections in your brain.

All the best.


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    Feb 12 2013: We have achieved a lot but world peace is yet a distant dream. We try to prove our government systems secular and democratic but they are from being truly secular or democratic. Ideally, in a peaceful world, weapons need not exist in the first place; but it seems that shall never happen.

    Gender Inequality is another issue prevalent at least in the developing societies. God knows when people will start treating each other equally.

    So there are a lot of basic issues and goals that we as humans with our present attitudes might never be able to achieve..

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