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Is there anything that a human being can never possibly do?

We humans are so overwhelmed with the millions of actions that we perform everyday. We call ourselves multitaskers and have todo lists and sometimes are concerned about over todo lists being overloaded.

But there should be zillions of things that human beings can never be able to do or are incapable of doing.

We might not have thought much about them. So thinking in this new perspective might create some new connections in your brain.

All the best.


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  • Feb 1 2013: There are many things humans can never do. Many of them pretty simple.

    Be objective.
    Know the future.
    Read the mind of another.
    Turn back time.
    Find certainty.
    Avoid pain.
    Look in the Face of God.

    This is a quick list. Kind of silly, we know that they can't be done, but pretty well universally keep trying anyway.

    I almost forgot, we will never "win the War on Drugs," eliminate poverty, or end crime.

    Finally, the thing that humans will never be able to do... is to know their limits.

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