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What are parameters for the term "evidence" in evaluating knowledge ?

The broad idea I intend to understand is that
"what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"


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    Jan 13 2013: G'day Sayyam

    How many ideologies & theories have been proven to be correct one day & the next disproven, even text book proven theories have been proven wrong latter on but they still teach from them.

    In this you could ask yourself what is the true evidence of things, there isn’t one as there are no fail safe perimeters obviously it’s all a presumption in what we know at the time. What dictates this perimeter is our conscious awareness & the more aware & open we are to other possibilities the more we will disprove. As long as we are progressing in our consciousness nothing is solid proof but only when our consciousness stagnates is there any solid proof because we have stopped evolving & who wants to do that?

    I see where you’re coming at Sayyam, one can say there is a God but where is the proof but on the other hand what proof is there that there isn’t a God? So many people will adamantly say there isn’t a God but how do they really know, what evidence have they that there isn’t a God? What will happen is we will get to a certain conscious level & have that proof as we have of so many other things, it’s our consciousness that will define what’s correct or incorrect at that time in evolution.

    The funny thing is scientists are finding out that there had to be some sort of intelligent entity in the things they are finding out about our universe through quantum physics, mechanics & vacuum.


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