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You cannot eat money, or make clothes, or build a house out of it.

In this day and age when it is politically correct to be out of work and complain on being hard up I propose to reflect whether this widely proclaimed poverty is real or faked. If it is MONEY that you are after, then I have no remedy. You will be poor (in the sense that you have not enough) forever. If however you are able bodied and need food, shelter and security for yourself and your loved ones, and live in a town or a city and no-one wants to employ you and pay you for your work enough to cover your basic needs, then move to the country, grab the fork and shovel and produce your own kitchen veggies, keep a pork or two and some chickens. Chances are someone will help you build a decent house in exchange for the food which you have in excess. I agree individual small scale farming and husbandry is not efficient, but who wants the efficient when clearly efficiency does not prevent hunger and what is more is directly the cause of so much unemployment. Believe me, you will be happy as a lark provided it is not money that is your object in life!


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  • Jan 24 2013: money is the root of all evil and i truely believe this. its not just the people in america that are out of work, its also whole countries that have been brought to their knees because the world banks have come to these countries and offerd help with the hidden motive of getting them into more debt then they can repay. these countries are then forced to give up their resources for very cheap instead of these resources (and the profits of them) going back to the people from which they came. the world banks are the ones to blame but you will never see them brought to justice cause they have the whole world in debt to them. they distibute the wealth to a very few and the rest have to scrape by. i also do not believe in giving hand outs but alowing these people to prvide for them selves in a manner which dose not depend on money would be a great thing for the world
    • Jan 28 2013: If you were quoting the bible, then it is THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil and I believe this. I don't think money is inherently bad, just when one chooses money over more important things. Simplified, I think something is wrong when people choose things over people (to a degree of course). Interestingly, it seems we hear a common argument that to me seems flawed. That is that we feel the homeless/welfare recipients should get jobs and contribute, but then we look at people with a lot of money as some evil curse on the world. I think often deep down it is jealousy and unhappines that one looks down on someone that doesn't have to do as much as they. The truth is that you don't have to work so hard either, but you then have to forgo your ipad/tv/internet/car/home-ownership. I think when we can master the skill of not being jealous, we will be much more happy. I really think the world would work out just fine if we all decided to work part-time and just buy/have less.

      You can say that my experience has been that I've made very good money for a time, lived a good couple of years, but then went jobless,broke, and homeless. The contrast was a really good learning experience and really taught me a lot about people and about my desire for things. For the rest of my life, I really don't want to make a lot of money and won't envy those that do because they often trade a good portion of their time for the flashy things.

      BTW, there is a new prediction/forecast by 'scientists' that the rate of population growth is declining. Important, the RATE of population growth. Feel free to do the research, but I recall that we are expected to top out at 9 billion people and then decline/maintain.

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