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You cannot eat money, or make clothes, or build a house out of it.

In this day and age when it is politically correct to be out of work and complain on being hard up I propose to reflect whether this widely proclaimed poverty is real or faked. If it is MONEY that you are after, then I have no remedy. You will be poor (in the sense that you have not enough) forever. If however you are able bodied and need food, shelter and security for yourself and your loved ones, and live in a town or a city and no-one wants to employ you and pay you for your work enough to cover your basic needs, then move to the country, grab the fork and shovel and produce your own kitchen veggies, keep a pork or two and some chickens. Chances are someone will help you build a decent house in exchange for the food which you have in excess. I agree individual small scale farming and husbandry is not efficient, but who wants the efficient when clearly efficiency does not prevent hunger and what is more is directly the cause of so much unemployment. Believe me, you will be happy as a lark provided it is not money that is your object in life!


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  • Jan 18 2013: Money is a means of creating greed and crime which lead to inequality, which leads to poverty, slavery and eventually war and death investments.
    It is not just a means of exchange.
    That is sugar-coating evil.

    It's quite ingenious to blame poor people for poverty,
    It's really amazing to read the rantings of brainwashed humans here on Ted.
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      Jan 18 2013: do you claim that without money, we would have less greed, crime, inequality, poverty, war and death?
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      Jan 20 2013: Firstly I did not blame the poor; it is through no fault of their own that the poor do not have the proper tools need to provide a service. Tools like a good education and a safe place to live and work.

      How is it money’s fault we have evils like domestic abuse, race hate crimes, religious hatred and wars, sex crimes, and so on.
      I’m sure people got killed for their food, shelter, or clothes long before there was money.

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