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You cannot eat money, or make clothes, or build a house out of it.

In this day and age when it is politically correct to be out of work and complain on being hard up I propose to reflect whether this widely proclaimed poverty is real or faked. If it is MONEY that you are after, then I have no remedy. You will be poor (in the sense that you have not enough) forever. If however you are able bodied and need food, shelter and security for yourself and your loved ones, and live in a town or a city and no-one wants to employ you and pay you for your work enough to cover your basic needs, then move to the country, grab the fork and shovel and produce your own kitchen veggies, keep a pork or two and some chickens. Chances are someone will help you build a decent house in exchange for the food which you have in excess. I agree individual small scale farming and husbandry is not efficient, but who wants the efficient when clearly efficiency does not prevent hunger and what is more is directly the cause of so much unemployment. Believe me, you will be happy as a lark provided it is not money that is your object in life!


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  • Jan 16 2013: i've never thought of money as being pieces of paper, rather as a kind of open-ended IOU. if one of my kids has a disease, and i have nothing that a doctor is interested in trading for a cure, then i would be in trouble. however thanks to money, even if there is nothing i have that the doctor wants, i can trade money for service, and the doctor can then use to money to get what they do need. when i work for money i don't work for the money itself. society benefits from my expertise, and i benefit from the expertise of various individuals throughout that society. when i have a house built it will be built by people with much better building skills than i have, and with materials superior to those which i would be able to gather myself. why would i farm? even with my best efforts i would not be able to produce the same quality of food or even one-thousands of the amount of food that a professional producer could, so why not leave it to the experts?

    people like to seethe against today's society but for misguided reasons. the way it's set up today everybody does more or less what they do well, which saves society time, time which is used for the pleasures in life such as art, travel, and participating in intelligent discussions on websites.

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