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A motivational map, made for all TED users.

Its always been said that its harder to get up than it is to stay down,
and in this economy, society and world, the people who wish to do something, become something and be remembered for something are those who face the most hurdles of all, alot of which do everything they can to drag us back down and then kick us further.

I created what I call a motivational map. A series of specially chosen quotes that I feel are relevant to people like myself.
I feel that these quotes have the ability to make things better just by looking at them, the ability to pick me up a little, make me more determined and ultimately show me that everything will be ok as long as I just keep trying.

I made it for myself, but after making it I decided that I would make the map and the photoshop .psd files public and free, so that anyone can edit, change and/or keep a copy for themselves.

All files can be downloaded on the link below and the project was designed to be upto 80cm x 40cm so it can be printable/usable at more or less any size you wish it to be. (which is also why the text is relatively small at times)

If this map was useful to you,
Whether as a direct copy, something to edit for yourself or just gave you inspiration, let me know either with a comment or a thumbs up, so I can know.


To download / view poster in full size:
Visit link, left click poster once or twice, right click and 'save as'

To download photoshop files
Visit link, click 'download file' on the right.

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    Jan 15 2013: Fantastic gift to us all Xavier! Thanks for sharing:~)
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    Jan 14 2013: This is very original and creative. Thank you for sharing!
  • Jan 13 2013: Just have to say that is GREAT! love it
  • Jan 24 2013: There is a grammatical mistake in Western Europe, it says "dreampt" instead of "dreamt", just saying, I hope you guys can fix this. Nice speeches by the way!
  • Jan 19 2013: 'Life is suffering?'

    Is that really appropriate in a motivational tool.

    It seems to impiy pain is inevitable or why aspire to anything when it only ends in suffering.

    Not that I want to suggest it but wouldn't something like 'No pain, no gain' might be more inspirational?