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Who benefits most with access to your information?

IIt's out there! all your personal information. You name address, friends, family credit card details, likes, dislikes, where you are, your very thoughts such as mine.
So the debate is...whio stands to gain the most from using this information?

  • Jan 14 2013: Not me - It's a little spooky.
  • Jan 19 2013: Specially those who have tie ups with ad company or spamming mail agencies, they sell your data to them and after that you get targeted ads on site and even get bunch of mails in your inbox, ever checked your spam folder, they find your mail address from such trackers, want to track them i have an article on my blog How to track the tracker who keep tracking your activity and access your data.
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    Jan 17 2013: i think people who really wanted to know more about you do benefit through access to your information.
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    Jan 16 2013: Everyone who wants it, Jarva has been compromised since last year and only now the U.S government has put out a warning.
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    Jan 15 2013: Advertisers (and by proxy, the owners of the products and services they advertise) stand to profit financially from being able to create and precisely target advertisements based on things like spending habits, Internet surfing habits, likes, dislikes, gender, age, location, and whatever other personal information can be compiled to create a profile of the individual as a potential consumer.
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    Jan 14 2013: Dion, That would depend on the information ... If medical Me and my doctor .. however pharm companies, insurance companies, and medical suppliers could benefit. Most of the rest of the info could benefit sales and promotions agents.

    Credit cards and SSAN numbers are more the crime related items, however, all information can be used against you by someone who has that desire.

    There are plenty of sites that tell you how to minimize the opportunities for your identy to be stolen and protect your information. A really dedicated thief will find a way ... its up to us to not make it easy for them.
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    Jan 14 2013: That's the way the world goes; change is the only permanent thing.
    This information overload only benefits the wise.