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Once again - Planet Earth comes to the Rescue!

LET's PARTICIPATE with ideas and efforts to support the PLANTS There are Plants that can Clean the Air, the Soil, the Water.



What Elements are being Porcessed and by what Plants?
What Plants Absorb the most?
What Plants Transform the most?
After Hiroshima - Diospyros kaki, Japanese Persimmon Tree = Tree for the World = Divine fruit for the soul - The only plant surviving radiations (Plutonium)
There have been attempts made by few companies to Grow certain plants after Cernobyl.
Examples: Brassica carinata =appeared to be the best at removing large quantities of Cr(chromium), Pb(lead), Cu(copper), and Ni(nickel)
Brassica juncea=appeared to be the best at removing large quantities of Cr(chromium), Pb(lead), Cu(copper), and Ni(nickel)
Corn (zea mays) = can take up incredibly high levels of Pb(lead)
Helianthus=can take up Cs(cesium)
[Dr. Ilya Raskin of Rutgers University's Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment -Phytoremediation]

Closing Statement from maggie paula

Bioremediation (remove unwanted substances from soil and water)
Researchers discover how BACTERIA can immobilize URANIUM - Geobacter, G. sulfurreducens
by means of protein nanowires, called pili, which are hair-like appendages with electrical conductivity

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    Apr 11 2011: Great insight
    this has been poven over adn over tha tthe plant world can bio transmute toxic wastes and transform them into useful compounds

    deserves a TED show in itslef

    elan Star
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    Mar 29 2011: Hi Craig. I'm delighted. Thank you for your insight and (constant) source of information - indeed mushrooms were grown inside the inner reactor of the ruin at Cernobyl - planted by a robot; the Melanin (electrodes) in the mushrooms absorbed part of the energy of the radio active radiation of 500 times higher than the natural reflective radiation rising from the earth [Albert Einstein College,NY];
    mushrooms have been considered the 'medicine of kings' called 'food for immortality' - helping maintain balance (homeostasis) through components like antihistamine, canthaxanthin, coumarin, ganoderic acids (lower triglycerides),mannitol,sterols, polysaccharides [];
    I find it interesting that the radiation 'cloud' has a shape of a mushroom;
    It seems that berries have an absorbing propensity -as well.
    It would be very interesting to find out more, expand and include many of nature's creations in this - like animals using their 'detector' capacities - for toxic materials, for pollution ...[Canaries (Coal mines), Cetaceans (on the sea floors), Dogs (bombs, drugs,cancer sniffing),Fish (turn green in polluted waters), Rats (used in land mines), Snales (sewage,underground waters), Whales (beached -prior to an ecological event)]
    Warm regards,
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    Mar 29 2011: Hi Maggie. Paul Staments has produced an important paper called "Myco-remediation of the Japanese Landscape After Radioactive Fallout". Well worth reading and implementing. I think the integrated use of fungi with plants is essential.

    I really like this conversation. It would be great to get a list together of all the bioaccumulators.
    Best wishes,