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The intellectual instability of our species

Supposing that our species is collectively Insufficiently intelligent (or intellectually stable enough) to now protect our ecosphere. Correspondingly, this situation risks our survival, at least, as we are now constituted.
Central questions these implications give rise to then are:
What are the fundamental causes of this inadequacy?
Can we then attempt to sponsor a Worst Case Scenario solution, such as work towards the highest possible assurance of surviving seed populations to evolve some successor human species more fit to steward a healthy natural world?

At least twice, science indicates, our sspecies has passed through bottlenecks of ten thousand or so people. during the last 800 centuries.

The Gotterdammerung I hypothesize is now surely upon us, I claim. We are going to, willy-nilly, establish sanctuary alcoves all over the world (hopefully well-designed ones) for a long period of climate catastrophe. My topic begins with our evolution within whatever we are stuck with for coming centuries of inhospitable climate.


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    Jan 14 2013: Knowledge that births positive change is desirable; knowledge just for the sake of it is not very helpful.

    What use is the intelligent evil man that discovers a weapon that can wipe off the planet by a push of a button?
    • Jan 15 2013: As I told Ms. d"Etienne, knowledge of a very special kind is the only issue I am attempting to sponsor. To Hades with those who intransigently seek, knowingly or otherwise, only to destroy.

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