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Have you created your own path?

Creating a path by "stepping out into the unknown" as opposed to following a path that is well-trodden,"comfortable and familiar" is challenging. Kindly share your experiences and the journey of your venture.


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    Jan 13 2013: "Are you creating your own path?"
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      Jan 13 2013: Nicholas, I am trying my best.
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        Jan 14 2013: Your question is innately static/solid in nature.

        More than anything a path is constantly designed and redesigned for the individual by the individual

        Hence why I feel my revision was efficient. Life is not static. It's always being worked on.

        How much work you do on life is how much you think about and act on your path.

        I think this is where the line between happiness and dismay exist. Knowledge and ignorance. Are a fuzzy issue. They seem to always end up there... These "lines" - the difference between calling it one thing or the other... What do we really know except we want a path?

        Your answer shows contempt. Trying, effort. That's the main battle. The rest is application.

        As for my self. I focus on surviving in this constantly changing world with major goals and personal desires for a large path or to be on many paths. A path is a subjective idea, what is a path and how to live with that definition/conception and for/with the idea.

        A path is a paradoxical issue.. What is a path? Do you walk what you preach?

        I question every step on my journey in life. Whatever a path is. I know constant inquiry is essential to walk it entirely and with content. Life long philosopher; teacher and student.

        Be realistic than a positivist, not vice versa
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          Jan 19 2013: Nicholas, I appreciate your thought-provoking response.
          "Your question is innately static/solid in nature."
          My question is based on inspiration derived from the related talks.
          and the intent was to gain insight into others' experiences. The related talks might help you understand my question.
          "Your answer shows contempt. Trying, effort. "
          It was not my intent. I am reticent ,as it is a work in progress.
          "What is a path?"
          'A path' in the context of one's vocation.
          "Do you walk what you preach? "
          "Be realistic than a positivist, not vice versa."
          I usually prefer to be a pragmatist and a positivist than a realist.
          Thank you for sharing your ideas.
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          Jan 19 2013: Dear Nicholas,
          I do not agree that Madhavi's "answer shows contempt". It looks like honesty to me:>)

          That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your insightful comment. As individuals, we can constantly design and redesign our path, we have the ability to take many different paths, and a "path" may be very subjective....always changing. I also agree that "constant inquiry is not only essential, and in my perception, fun and interesting as well.

          Did you ever hear..." life is what happens when we're making other plans".......LOL:>)
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        Jan 14 2013: Never stop trying.

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