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Have you created your own path?

Creating a path by "stepping out into the unknown" as opposed to following a path that is well-trodden,"comfortable and familiar" is challenging. Kindly share your experiences and the journey of your venture.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Jan 13 2013: We all choose our paths. When I decided that I wanted a different kind of life, I chose a different path, and life began to happen big time.

    There is a saying using flying as an example. If you want to change the altitude, you have to change the attitude. EXPECT TURBULENCE. I surely did find turbulence!

    As I faced life, not willing to continue to make the same choices (because if I do what I have always done, I'll simply create what I have always created), I found myself without a foundation. All of my understandings were suspect and many of them were then suddenly seen as irrational. (Fearful time) I needed a new worldview.

    Some people do fine just letting go and walking another path. Not me! I craved understanding. I began educating myself about as much as I could and in as much depth as I could grasp. Eventually, I had a worldview that made sense, and then the walk became very easy indeed. (by comparison)

    To take the road less traveled, one has to accept total responsibility for one's choices. That's not part of the culture that I came from. But I learned about self-honesty and its importance. I learned that the truth really does set you free.

    To choose a different life, one has to be willing to give up ALL that is warm and familiar. That doesn't mean that ALL will be gone, but it might be. It WILL change. Relationships WILL change. Until self-honesty was developed, I was unable to see how much of that which was warm and familiar were the very things that I'd been using to create the prison that trapped me in a life I now understand was wretched by comparison to today.

    Today, I am different. I like who I am. I'm no longer owned by ego. I own my consequences. Though fears still haunt me from time to time, I now know how to walk through them because I know they're irrational.

    2da, I feel isolated on occasion. but I prefer that to the crowded prison I once inhabited. I'm certainly not lonely

    I also know that the journey never ends.

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