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The African in America and the African American? Feud ,Stereotypes of Africa and the lost identity of the African American. Why?

People can still tell that I am an African by the sound of my name and accent even though i have been living in America for close to 10 years. Ever since i came to the states whenever I am around people, they begin to ask questions about Africa. For example, someone asked me “did you walk around naked in Africa?” Another person asked me “did you live in huts at Africa?” and the funny thing is majority of them tend to be African Americans who disclaim their ancestry linking back to Africa. Even majority of my Caucasian friends have a better appreciation of my culture and roots. I want to know why this has come to be?


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    Jan 16 2013: Don't assume that Black Americans know any more than other Americans just because of their race. And don't assume that White Americans know any more or less because of their race either....especially if just based on your particular experience.

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