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Is Citizen volunteerism necessary to pull the US out of it's financial hole?

We are in a rut in the USA. Everybody can see this clearly. The discussions concerning the distribution of money to maintain our services have revealed we may not have enough to do the job without further going into debt. Obviously just paying our taxes is not enough to solve our national problems.

Could citizen voluntarism be the kicker that gets the ball over the goal post? Is it possible to make Citizen voluntarism mandatory, say 100 hours per year or military service, to get the right to vote in elections?


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    Jan 17 2013: John, Long time since our last talk. At some point we must evaluate "entitlements". As you know I subscribe to the hand up NOT the hand out theory. If the government provides me with aide that equates to $60,000 a year and you offer me a job at $15 per hour ($32,200 a year) please tell me what is my incentive to go to work.

    I stronly support volunteerism. However, I have worked with some (including schools) that treat their volunteers very badly.

    I look at the agencies that provide emergency aide, such as the Red Cross, etc ... and the pay to their execs and operations costs and the bottom line of what goes out to the needy and they depend on volunteers.

    I support you intentions and good faith ... however I think that we need to futher investigate the way that volunteers could be more productive prior to committing to their use. To depend on volunteers while the CEO make 1.5 million a year not including perks really ticks me off.

    Nice to hear from you. Bob.
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      Jan 18 2013: Hey Robert.... Good to hear from you. I agree with just about everything you said, so we are still on the same page, at least of this issue.

      My assertions are that we need to think with a volunteerism mindset because the time is coming when it will be the method of delivering most goods and services to the needy. The needy, of course, could include both of us, especially if thing that are unsettling to you continue to grow in size and proportion (they unsettle me also).

      Hand out does not work, unless we are repairing damage in some kind of disaster, the hurricane damage for instance. "Too Big to Fail' is not my idea of an acceptable handout.

      The problem with CEO pay and perks is we don't appear to have any leverage in that arena. So, we should go our own way, so to speak. If things move in the direction I predict they will (financially in the US and most modern manufacturing countries), increasing technology becoming cheaper and easier to produce, we may run out of ways to make big profits. This, of course, will force us to find ways to cheapen other commodities as competition for drying markets increases, but in the opposite direction.

      History has taught us the only way to turn this monster around is through the mechanisms of war. In my opinion, we are seeing the way Europe has chosen with France invading northern Africa and the European Union coming on board (with the US in a secretive manner).

      I seriously believe that most of modern Asia, Russia and some secular minded Middle Eastern countries, are going to get involved with cutting the head off the Islamic tiger, so to speak. So, while they strip some of money and increase the wealth of others, we may have to help each other out to make ends meet.

      Trying to find help for my crippled parents and ourselves being crippled, has shown me the state of Georgia and the Federal government have already cut back on Medicare and other health services. We are desperate with no solutions in sight.

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