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Do politicians extort taxpayers to provide funds to support their inflated bureaucracies or their exulted social position or power.

Politicians at all levels address the taxpayers pockets as their own never ending resource to achieve status, wealth or power. Politicians tell us they need funds to provide the services their constituents demand.
Examples of these behaviors are broadcast on nightly news.
City employees manage huge retirement packages and when the premium comes due, tells the taxes payer they need more to pay for police and fireman.
Public school administrators with fleets of high end cars in the motor pool, offices filled with assistants and 50 % of their school's employees are not teachers, ask for more funds or teachers will have to have 10 more kids in each class making any improvements in the 25% drop rate even more untenable.
On the national level, one politician was roundly defeated when he called out another politician for promising constituents "goodies" if elected. National politicians don't have funds to provide "goodies" to the nation, they have to dip into the national back pocket. Only on that level, they don't even have to con the taxpayers, they just take it.
Now it has been said that politicians do good for the people. I am sure that some are as noble as Mother Teresa. But I have seen more self interest then public interest.


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    Jan 13 2013: Do birds fly? Do sea creatures breathe underwater? Do politicians extort taxpayers to provide funds to support etc?
    The common answer is: mostly, but some don't.
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      Jan 13 2013: But why? Do they start out that way? Is there something that changes them? Is it a disease that can be cured?
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        Jan 13 2013: The system is designed to be primarily influenced by the expressed will of the people via voting and correspondence. Unfortunately that part of the demographic is largely characterized by ignorance and apathy as demonstrated by the large percentage of eligible voters who do not register or vote. The most influential factor in winning re-election has now become special interest groups and political action committees. Thus the elected official serves, not the will of the people, but the desires of the influencial few who are active and devoted to getting their agendas promoted. The fault lies with the free men and women of America who do not participate in promoting their agendas. That's why most politicians seem to serve something other than the wishes of the people.

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