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Primitive stupidity or vain self-destruction

The dried leaves are beautiful but dead. They rot, turn into food for the plants which give birth to their new leaves. But these new leaves are different from the old ones. Alive matter absorbing the organic energy of the dead matter.
The life takes care of the mass, the person is not a priority. Even if there is God, he certainly does not report only on one man. So God definitely does not wait for singular reports.
A human reincarnates as an energy but not as a personality or consciousness.
What I feel in this very moment, it is here, now and for me. “After” will never exist.
So am I obliged to be responsible or I am supposed to be an greedy egoist?
If indeed there is no justice after the death… Then the fear disappears, the morality is meaningless and the good loses its illusory value. The saints turn into fools and laughingstocks in the eyes of alcoholics like me, drunkards stammering incomprehensible in the bubbling ditches of life.
A man can not be of full value to himself during his lifetime. A man disappears after death. In a man there is no sense at all and the circle of life is even more greedy than us.
Fear or happiness…
Parenting or impulse…
Primitive stupidity or vain self-destruction…


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  • Jan 28 2013: Celebrate the innate selfishness of the individual organism. Nothing matters except what gives meaning to your life. Enjoy, explore, experience, reflect, change, choose, then start again. To get the most out of this process, keep in mind that the input and responses of other organisms are variables which you must take in to account to get the most out of your life. There are emotional equivalents of the Newtonian laws. Work within those laws and create the most fulfilling life you can imagine.
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      Jan 30 2013: If there are emotional equivalents of the material laws then there are emotional equivalents of the black holes and my country is one for sure. Now - I am not familiar with the question but as far as I know near black holes the material laws are different. The catastrophic standard of living matters to the enjoyment and exploration. The corruption matters to the experience. The penetrating aggression matters to the reflection. The condition of Bulgaria matters to the choices. The condition of our society does not matter to a start but it definitely determines its end.

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