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Do you learn the basics to make it in life at school or on your own?

Rather hard to explain but I tend to think watching listening adjusting to life on seeing other peoples lifes give you a better chance of making it in life than education in schools .

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  • Jan 25 2013: The question has no hard and fast answer because people are different. I found I learned more outside of the school system then I did inside it in relation to how to live in the world BUT to say school has no value is pretty stupid. Reading and maths are important and I doubt anyone would DENY this and I doubt most people would say not teaching a child to read or do basic to highschool level math is a waste.

    People who say school is a waste aren't among the most intelligent but what they might really mean is "I was surrounded by bad teachers and taught information in non-interesting ways"

    I think more research into how the human mind actually works will reveal what works and what doesn't instead of relying on anecdotes from internet stars like Ken Robertson and layman. While robertson has a point that schools kill creativity, they also ENABLE creativity, especially if you have great or fantastic teachers or mentors. I bet almost everyone can remember one teacher they liked/loved in public, highschool school or university.

    The real problem comes down to innate qualities the person has. Is a person curious? It's basically what might be called a persons nature.

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