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Do you learn the basics to make it in life at school or on your own?

Rather hard to explain but I tend to think watching listening adjusting to life on seeing other peoples lifes give you a better chance of making it in life than education in schools .

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    Jan 11 2013: I should think both.......don't you?
    Because after all, school is only temporary.....then life sets in and you have to learn from observation, trial and error, and experience.

    I am sure there are many individuals in our world who are enjoying happy lives, and have never set foot in a school.

    On a final note, "making it in life" means different things to different people. So everyone will have a different way of answering your question, and express varying opinions.

    Who taught you how to write and use punctuation and grammar for your to compose your TED question?
    • Jan 25 2013: I don't understand something in your comment here, why does life set in AFTER school. Is there some kind of law that I wasn't aware about that states that life is only okay to be lived AFTER I complete school. So are you saying that in essence I'm going to spend about 17 years of my life that isn't going to count? Am I going to get credited for it later? So, people aren't going to find their passion, their soulmate, their anything in school by your assertions but you know as long as I get credited for those years later. However I do agree with the bottom few portions of your comment.
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        Jan 25 2013: "I believe a certain level of schooling is necessary until you LITERALLY BEGIN FINDING YOURSELF which by the way school suppresses and after that you need to go adventure and make your own way."

        You are one of those talented people who found yourself while still in high school.
        Life begins at birth, not after school..........you read too much into my comment.

        If you read the question on top of the page and then read my answer again..... you will see that in context I was stating that school, because it is temporary.....provides only part of what we need in life.....to suppose that life comes after school, is drawing a conclusion I did not intend for the reader to draw. That's like me taking your comment in quotations and focusing on the word UNTIL........then drawing the conclusion that you can only find yourself AFTER you finish schooling.

        In any case......I hope I cleared up your misconception of my comment.

        It is nice to have a high schooler commenting on this conversation......it gives us old fogeys insight into your perception of things.

        Be Well.........hope you make it to Peru someday!!

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