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Do you learn the basics to make it in life at school or on your own?

Rather hard to explain but I tend to think watching listening adjusting to life on seeing other peoples lifes give you a better chance of making it in life than education in schools .

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    Jan 16 2013: Dear Cornelius,

    To create a decent life for yourself, you need to go to school first.

    Hopefully by high school, you find out what you love. This is the most important thing; find out what you love doing; sports, science, arts, humanities, whatever. Later (in college) you can narrow your subject, and focus studying mostly what you love. A college degree should be the first goal in life. The best colleges are combined programs (studies with practical experience). Then you find a job. You may have to go through a few to find the best for you. It has got to be what you love doing. Because you will be spending a lot of your life in it. A good education will give you the "basics" - the means (job) for an end (a life that makes you happy)... Hopefully you will have teachers and parents who 'facilitate' your learning through this part.

    What gives you a better chance of creating a good life for yourself, is getting to know yourself not looking out at other people, but looking inside yourself. Deep inside somehow you already know what you are, what makes you happy, what you love to do, who you are. You need to keep trying to hear your own inner voice. That is the best guide for your life. Awareness and learning by observation are essential. Observing your inner self is where you find your voice that tells you how to build your best life. You have to "learn' about yourself yourself. You will "make it" when you find your inner truth and stay true to yourself...Hopefully you will have parents, mentors, friends, who 'facilitate' your learning (growth) through this part.

    Life and school are both "schools". Everyone learns everything on their own:) No body can learn for another.

    I noticed that you already speak 3 languages! That is a talent ! I hope you get to listen to many Talks at TED and find YOUR inspiration:). I agree with Sir Robinson. And his proposal will become reality in 50? years(hopefully). Maybe you will be an aged teacher with a smile on his face then.
    • Jan 25 2013: Quite frankly I find your comment far too practical, Americanized brainwash, low on thought and absolutely ridiculous (for the most part anyway). Why should having a college degree be the first goal in life? Why is it so necessary to have a degree that frankly in this global economy is useless? There are so many Harvard, Yale, MIT grads that are on the street with no job and the jobs being offered to them are nowhere near the level that they should be. Why must I spend four years (min.) of MY own precious life inside of another school? If I don't will I not be successful? I am sick and tired of parents, teachers etc. making assumptions that they know what is best for each child and their own personal needs. As an 11th grader that has always been identified as gifted and is a member of the National Honor Society I would like to know why. Just simply why? I don't understand why it's no longer acceptable to want to adventure and experience life but it is far more acceptable to be an unhappy fat lard that sits behind a desk all day but apparently has a "happy life" or "the American Dream". This dream is apparently afforded to this fat lard because he has a MBA, spare me. I don't think these people are happy because frankly there is a whole life out there and it's just passing them by. You state that having a good education is going to provide the means (job) for an end (a life that makes me happy) and that is not necessarily true, there are plenty of happy people that never went to college or never finished and yet are completely happy. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my mum, when I told her I wanted to adventure so I wanted to go to Europe (UK, France and Italy) this summer by myself or possibly with a few friends and then before college take a gap year, and in that moment I believe she wanted to kill me, because of the way that education is viewed. Some kind of golden ticket that will give you all of your dreams, that thinking Juliette is BS, plain BS.
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        Jan 25 2013: When I finished high school I rested a year.....worked and saved money for a new car...one that wouldn't give me trouble commuting to school and work.

        Because I always loved teaching, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to get a degree in education.

        But that was just the beginning......as an educator, I have taken my degree to many countries around the world. I have had many adventures out there.

        In your case, you also know what you want.

        Just be patient, and know that you will be able to travel and adventure. In the meantime, you can use this time at home to really plan out your short an long term goals. Make your itenarary of places you wish to visit, and when.

        Use the TED site to get inspired by continuing to view the great videos about people making a difference around the world. Write down the names of these individuals, and the places and organizations that most impress you. Also the causes that move you, that you are passionate about.

        I didn't get itchy for getting out there into the world until after I finished college......by that time I was an adult, and earning the money I needed to go places. Noone could stop me, and believe me, they tried.....not only my parents, but also my friends. Out of love and concern for my well-being, they tried to talk me out of travelling by myself. This was a long time ago, the world was a different place.

        So try to put yourself in your mums shoes.....and just be patient.

        I hope I haven't offended you with any of my words. But as a mom and educator, I am always compelled to give my view of things to young people who appear to be struggling with issues such as yours.

        All the Best!!!

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