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Do you learn the basics to make it in life at school or on your own?

Rather hard to explain but I tend to think watching listening adjusting to life on seeing other peoples lifes give you a better chance of making it in life than education in schools .

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  • Jan 25 2013: As a junior in high school, I can personally confirm that in school you are taught NOTHING. That is if you are smart, I've always been identified as gifted, placed in the honors and AP classes etc. however, there are some of my peers that struggle with things that are ridiculously simple and easy to me. As of this very moment I find myself highly bored of school, and ready to adventure. While I recognize on the whole an education is probably wonderful, I don't think it's necessary. I have just had these discussions with both of my parents, because I am trying to convince them to let me do online school. But I digress, I have about one class I learn something in and that class is Spanish HOWEVER I do feel that instead of sitting in class having a teacher drill grammar points into my head I could be in Peru or Spain and actually learning by speaking instead of simply remembering until the test and then forgetting because it is no longer of any use. Also something I believe is important to note, is that after a certain point in schooling (shall we say grade 9?) you discover if school is REALLY where you need to be for various reasons, you aren't ready for the world, you are for lack of a better term stupid etc. or if school is a place that you go because of the constraints society puts on you. In terms of society I need to be in school, I need to go to college and all of that lovely fun stuff in terms of my heart I don't feel that spending an extra year and a half in school is going to change who I am or make me more prepared for college. Socially, going to school is great I suppose however as a bit of an introvert myself I could go without out 7 out of 10 times. In answer to your question, I believe a certain level of schooling is necessary until you LITERALLY BEGIN FINDING YOURSELF which by the way school suppresses and after that you need to go adventure and make your own way.

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