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We need a clear understanding of overpopulation so the economy can recover.

Well the debate over overpopulation causing harm to Earth and this stalling Capitalism's ability to grow an economy with supply side expansion and or Quality of Life expansion is now reaching a fevered pitch in debate between the liberal factions of society . THIS IS GOOD FOR GETTING THIS OUT INTO THE OPEN AND SOLVING IT .
Here is one liberal news agency arguing against the ideology that there are too many people on the planet ....

About That Overpopulation Problem
And then there are these arguments ....

But we need to debate these factions that are part of the Environmental society that are controlling through our Lobbying networks the Policy making and financial credit system that can help create jobs and a robust economic system that would promote Higher quality of life .
pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,
Urban populations will rapidly strain services, resources
So who is right ?


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  • Jan 14 2013: Put these 3 stories together and it prints a Picture of Asian Dominance as the G-7 are becoming SERFS to China‚Äôs Supply and Resource dominance . The cause this will have on Individual incomes with inflation is going to collapse the ability of G-7 nations to keep stable their societies staples as part supply dependency from Asian suppliers that are the key ingredients in supplying everything needed for human survival will end up being in shorter and shorter supply as the debt of the G - 7 nations grow and the value of their currency declines causing less and less supply of parts from Asian to be acquired .
    The G-7 needs to reshape economic policy that puts the private sector back to work creating some of these parts supplies again like they were before the unfair WTO Trade Policies were implemented that started this trend of Dependency that now is reaching a level of dependency on these parts supplies that can be considered a National and International Security threat , not to mention this coming at a time when food supply is in short supply . We need to be Innovating supply expansion across the board to avert this disaster that looms in food security !

    The need to come up with a Leadership Worldwide Solvency roll FOR THE G-7 as well as the USA/ Obamanomics and deal with the Funneling effects on the Individual incomes that this Inflation trend is setting up .

    Some way the Leverage that China has on Manufacturing needs to be balanced or the G-7 economies are going to all end up in SERFDOM to Chinas Supply and resources .

    The China Vacuum on G-7 economies , this is a US National Economic Security threat as well as a International one !!!

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