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We need a clear understanding of overpopulation so the economy can recover.

Well the debate over overpopulation causing harm to Earth and this stalling Capitalism's ability to grow an economy with supply side expansion and or Quality of Life expansion is now reaching a fevered pitch in debate between the liberal factions of society . THIS IS GOOD FOR GETTING THIS OUT INTO THE OPEN AND SOLVING IT .
Here is one liberal news agency arguing against the ideology that there are too many people on the planet ....

About That Overpopulation Problem
And then there are these arguments ....

But we need to debate these factions that are part of the Environmental society that are controlling through our Lobbying networks the Policy making and financial credit system that can help create jobs and a robust economic system that would promote Higher quality of life .
pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,
Urban populations will rapidly strain services, resources
So who is right ?


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  • Jan 12 2013: There are conflicts of truth about the state of population food demand and the stories on the slate article by the way this crop report is effecting pricing . Long Term market growth and sustainability is at risk of Peoples Investments and Livelihood and these Stories need clarity for the Long term !!!

    Is there truth in crop data being released in relationship to Price Speculation that is raising the cost of living on an already Maxed out average income , or are we really experiencing supply shortages in our food supply ???

    Then this Slate article totally contradicts the previous Slate article posted above ,

    It Is Absurd To Suggest That the World Population Could Decline Enough for Humans To Go Extinct

    These conflicts of Truth in our Market trends need resolve so we know if we need to be investing in supply side expansion in key areas like food in order to stabilize inflation and when we get these conflicting views in reporting that identifies Government data as the reason for their reports , then we see Government data being quoted in supply-side markets , this is where a Greater need of People getting involved in this debate needs to be taking place before we lose the window of time needed to make changes that can avert disasters like food shortages or challenge fraud in market speculation that's causing cost of living inflation which is a crime against humanity !

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