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We need a clear understanding of overpopulation so the economy can recover.

Well the debate over overpopulation causing harm to Earth and this stalling Capitalism's ability to grow an economy with supply side expansion and or Quality of Life expansion is now reaching a fevered pitch in debate between the liberal factions of society . THIS IS GOOD FOR GETTING THIS OUT INTO THE OPEN AND SOLVING IT .
Here is one liberal news agency arguing against the ideology that there are too many people on the planet ....

About That Overpopulation Problem
And then there are these arguments ....

But we need to debate these factions that are part of the Environmental society that are controlling through our Lobbying networks the Policy making and financial credit system that can help create jobs and a robust economic system that would promote Higher quality of life .
pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,
Urban populations will rapidly strain services, resources
So who is right ?


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  • Jan 11 2013: See the Ideology that’s ROOTED in the Minds of the Powerful Elite ? This effects Economic Policy ... they say so in this article , so this is where we need debate on if Investing in the Free Market with these Ideologues monkeying around with the controls of how we Finance regulate and drive Free Market economic Opportunity when these guys see that as a Threat to the Earth is why we need Clarity on if we have a Free Market that won’t Grow and instead keeps collapsing ? How can we have faith in the Free Market capitalist system and keep wanting to Invest when the policies that effect growth in supply side Market Expansion that equates to true Value growth and equitable Growth is being Tampered with ? This is why Governments have no way to generate a balanced tax revenue stream .


    Are they causing more Violent Weather ???? http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/geoengineering

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