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Where do organized religions go wrong?

I identify with the idea that humans are built to transcend themselves to contribute to the group as a whole. Organized religion is a bridge that allows those who have similar values and morals to come together and to help others grow. But how would we explain things like the crusades or the Spanish inquisition in this context?

Does the transcendence that a group experiences fall apart at an individual level then rebuild itself into a mutated version of the original? or does some other process occur that twists the collective masses into behavior that is clearly against the original purpose of the group?


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    R H 30+

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    Jan 11 2013: Beliefs systems are a touchy business. Nearly impossible to explain and therefore to agree upon - unlike science where A +B = C, and so on which seems clearly rational. I would agree with most of the previous respondents. Religions go wrong by trying to exist as organizations in a secular world. Trying to 'do good' and in need of money with professional practitioners. From what I know, religion's 'kingdom is not of this world' and should stay that way, to be known only in our homes, as a forum of conduct and/or hope for us to choose or not.

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