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Should miniaturized GPS devices be sold for the public?

By the development of technology GPS devices are getting smaller and smaller. People who have an intention to do crime would easily use this technolgy when it gets developed. On the contrary, if GPS dots gets cheaper, people could easily find objects which they have lost. For these cases should GPS devices be sold for the public?

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    Feb 11 2013: As any other hi-tech piece of equipment is can be used for good and for bad. I am not really sure that restricting such a gadget from being sold publicly will do the world. History shows that when crime needs a resource it will find it in illegal ways.
  • Feb 2 2013: I don't understand why not. They're very useful.
  • Jan 11 2013: "Should" they be sold?

    They will be sold, regardless of how anyone or any group or any government might answer this question.

    If we try to restrict their sale, they will still be available to the corrupt who have enough money.

    In the USA our experience with prohibition and marijuana shows the futility of outlawing these devices.

    I do not like the way technology is destroying privacy, but it surely is.