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if you had the power to go back in time, would you change something about your life?

an intresting question ive heard from one of my friends, remember that maybe if you change something there something in the present will disspear.

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    Jan 15 2013: No, I think I am exactly where I should be in my life.
  • Jan 11 2013: This question only makes sense if we can ignore the long term consequences. If we must be concerned about consequences, we must take into account the butterfly affect, and millions of unknown unintended consequences. Of course, we face that same situation ever day, as we face the future.

    I would certainly not change anything before the birth of my son. He is now an adult and my best friend.

    I would almost certainly change something, but I would take some time deciding just what to change. It is hard to imagine that one could not improve on my current life.
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    Jan 18 2013: Change to life without any INVALID happiness!

    (For INVALID happiness, see the 1st article, points 4-8, 14, at
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    Jan 15 2013: Yes. Being so good looking, intelligent, rich, and all around ideal person has been a burden to me.

    Perhaps a tone down to make me well above average would be less of a burden. woe is me.
  • Jan 14 2013: yes
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    Gail .

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    Jan 12 2013: There is a moment at age 4.5 that I would like to have chosen differently, but I also know that it wasn't possible at the time. My parents were not willing to admit that one so young would know so much about how incorrect their worldview was. In my understanding, my survival depended on my submitting to their will.

    So, if a 4-year old could somehow summon up vast courage and maturely face the consequence of that, I would choose to walk through my fear and see what the outcome was.