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Why were YOU were born?

What is your Why and How are You? So what if it matters... The why can be a wild discovery about yourself, an interesting moment when and if, you discover it... and very amazing if you will share it here. [thank you]


Closing Statement from Terry Torok

{sorry, a last minute iphone edit placed an inadvertent extra "were"} Some people believe the most important day of thier life is the day you discover WHY you were born. The individual true stories below relate to the power of parenting and being at peace with (or without) the pursuit of the "why". I was inspired and amazed by the open sharing of each story of Why. And Why not, when you considered the interesting people who participated! Thank you.

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      Feb 9 2013: Congratulations on Fatherhood, with respect, it's all good. Craig, thank you for deciding to make this contribution. Even though we are in control of decisions, they don't all come with ease do they?

      Nothing like a new child to to awaken new thought... even if, it's 3 AM.
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        Feb 10 2013: Dear Terry,
        Anybody ever tell you the life experience would "come with ease"?.......guess I missed that memo...LOL:>)
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      Feb 10 2013: Craig,
      Kudos to you for realizing the wonderful gifts children can bring to us simply by "being" children...very curious, open, trusting, honest, and unconditionally loving. We can learn SO much from them about how to truly "BE" in the life adventure. I agree that being aware of our ability to make choices is very powerful! Well said my friend:>)

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