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Should we support national legislations for mandatory, free of charge and confidential HIV testing of everyone who does blood test?

Considering the tragic magnitude and destructive power of AIDS and the general welfare of the society, as well as people who suffer from AIDS or who are HIV positive, should we support national legislations for mandatory, free of charge and confidential testing of everyone who does blood test?


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  • Jan 14 2013: Why not? That would make a few people very very rich while condemning many to a miserable death thanks to our ignorance!

    1. Corelation of HIV with AIDS was used to 'prove' causation that HIV Causes AIDS.
    2. The chemical AZT was banned from cancer treatment for inducine AIDS-like symptoms and death.
    3. Robert Gallo announced "HIV Causes AIDS" without his research passing the medically required peer-review process.
    4. Robert Gallo started patenting the detection method for HIV during this announcement which would make him rich.
    5. Robert Gallo's research was proven to be contaminated from samples from a similar French study which could not prove HIV Causes AIDS.
    6. The lethal chemical AZT is now approved and is the common treatment for AIDS victims CAUSING DEATH and justifying the lie. Enforcing this would perpetuate this self-fulling nightmare.
    7. The most popular detection method of the HIV virus cannot detect the virus itself but the presence of good HIV antibodies.
    8. HIV Tests are 71% accurate.
    9. The common test cannot distinguish HERV's produced by common stress.
    10. The false HIV Causes AIDS propaganda has succeeded in making us believe that our body's own natural antiboties - if detected - are bad, no longer means that you are immune, and should not be passed from mother to child for similar immunity anymore.
    11. The yet unproven "HIV Causes AIDS" claim is now a standard part of formal education and medical practice - separating otherwise good-hearted doctors and patients from reason and common sense since challenging the myth results in professional ridicule, drop of funding, and now legal enforcement.
    12. This false propaganda also preaches that the HIV retrovirus "kills T Cells" which contradicts retroviral reproduction.
    13. It also preaches "HIV Knows No Borders" yet Africa is 50-50 males to females infection and over 80-20 male in the US dubbed HIV1 & 2. Sounds more like malnutrition and drug abuse respectively.
    14. Why should this be critized:
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      Jan 14 2013: AIDS denialism is the actual dangerous willing ignorance, and its impact is causing real deaths. I'm sure some groups will always be tempted to link AIDS to some behaviours, while the fact that monkeys were close enough to us genetically to transfer the virus is uncomfortable to the same interests.

      More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIDS_denialism
      • Jan 14 2013: AIDS (a temporary condition of having a relatively weak immune system) is real.The unscientific claim that this condition is "caused by HIV" is false and at best questionable against known science.

        AIDS epidemic predictions have failed and statistics remain constant yet different among different populations. It is no longer "going to destroy the world" and is not spreading like an epidemic. Most prostitutes that do not even use condoms do not have it. The explanation that it hybernates has to be constantly extended to explain healthy HIV "victims". "HIV Causes AIDS" yet AIDS can be found without HIV. Now they are finding people "immune to AIDS". No, AIDS is real. It is also potentially easily curable. "HIV Causes AIDS" is false. Denialism and personal examination of facts is the difference between delusion and common sense.Keep the comments coming on this important issue.

        Here's my own copy-paste:

        Clearly a correct medical hypothesis might not produce a cure or the prevention of a disease, as for example theories on cancer or sickle-cell anemia. However, a correct medical hypothesis must be able to (1) identify those at risk for a disease, (2) predict the kind of disease a person infected or affected by its putative cause will get, (3) predict how soon disease will follow its putative cause and (4) lead to a determination of how the putative agent causes the disease. Since this is not true for the virus-AIDS hypothesis, this hypothesis must be fundamentally flawed. Further, it seems particularly odd that an AIDS vaccine cannot be developed, since HIV induces highly effective virus-neutralizing antibodies within weeks after infection (Clark et al., 1991; Daar et al., 1991). These are the same antibodies that are detected by the widely used "AIDS-test" (Institute of Medicine, 1986; Duesberg, 1989c; Rubinstein, 1990).
    • Jan 17 2013: Antonio,

      You seem to confuse two things. You are right to point that the financial interests of big pharmas do not necessarily serve public health. However the fact that governments failed to give appropriate response for three decades and that some companies are making billions out of patients does not mean the fundamental research about the disease is false. At worst, you could argue that it is misdirected, that instead of searching another antiviral to sell they could fund more comprehensive strategies. I took the time to debunk your point-by-point affirmations:

      1. Yes indeed that's how it works. Please provide us a risk factor that correlates better with AIDS than HIV infection?
      2. AZT is a potent drug with strong side-effects. It was used in retrovirus-induced cancers. Now we have better drugs.
      3. Robert Gallo published in Science, vol. 220, no. 4599, pp. 865–867, 1983
      4. That's what they all do...
      5. The French team published at about the same time. The debate was about who to give the Nobel.
      6. Most patients are not treated with AZT anymore. Do you mean that ALL retrovirals are lethal weapons from the big pharmas? How come nobody dies when the same compounds are used to treat another virus?
      7. That's how most test work. When a test is positive the DNA of the virus is analysed, to know the strain and level of infection of the individuals.
      8. HIV Tests are 99% accurate and performed in duplicate with different sets of reagents, on different machines, by different technicians and on different days. We rarely misdiagnose someone.
      9. True, they are some cross-positive. See point 8.
      10. The variability of the virus is huge. Vaccines are not yet efficient enough, nor are maternal antibodies.
      11. Same as, for example, evolution theory or quantum physics.
      12. The HIV mechanism is well understood. it does not contradict any part of biology.
      13. Africa has polygamy, high sexual activity, early mariage, much less homosexuality and no injecting drugs.
      14. Good reflex.

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