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What do you think about the Israel and Gaza war?

Hello im an Israeli 17 year old boy since i came here at 2002 the south of the country was bomd it had some quiet time but always just for regroup of the Hamas forces.. like the last operation tha Israel did and prevent an huge attack from gaza that will take half of Israel under control but now after month and half Gaza ALREADY GAIND 80% of the arms that Israel destroyd they send warior to train in iran and they said "We planing a surprise"

what do you think israel should do to protect its people and how the WHOLE world can help to stop this war!?!?

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    Jan 12 2013: I have carefully read all comments so far, both answers and your responses to them. In conclusion:

    Your anger is misplaced. It was not the Paistineans who put your in danger. It was your parents.

    Did your parents bring you to Israel in 2002 from a place where you would have grown up safe? If so, why would they do that? Did they place God ahead of you? If so, then if you believe in God, let God protect you. It is not the world's place to do so. If you do not believe in God, then begin planning a move away from Israel.

    If you moved to near the Gaza border from a safer place within Israel, why did they place you in such danger? Did they not value you enough to consider you worthy of reasonable protection?

    These are hard questions to answer, especially for one so young. But such questions are essential if you are to find answers IF you are REALLY interested in finding truth.

    Projecting your anger and fear onto those who are not the cause of it only gets you into deeper trouble. The truth shall set you free. Self-deception is a harsh jailer.

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