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What do you think about the Israel and Gaza war?

Hello im an Israeli 17 year old boy since i came here at 2002 the south of the country was bomd it had some quiet time but always just for regroup of the Hamas forces.. like the last operation tha Israel did and prevent an huge attack from gaza that will take half of Israel under control but now after month and half Gaza ALREADY GAIND 80% of the arms that Israel destroyd they send warior to train in iran and they said "We planing a surprise"

what do you think israel should do to protect its people and how the WHOLE world can help to stop this war!?!?

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    Jan 12 2013: I have carefully read all comments so far, both answers and your responses to them. In conclusion:

    Your anger is misplaced. It was not the Paistineans who put your in danger. It was your parents.

    Did your parents bring you to Israel in 2002 from a place where you would have grown up safe? If so, why would they do that? Did they place God ahead of you? If so, then if you believe in God, let God protect you. It is not the world's place to do so. If you do not believe in God, then begin planning a move away from Israel.

    If you moved to near the Gaza border from a safer place within Israel, why did they place you in such danger? Did they not value you enough to consider you worthy of reasonable protection?

    These are hard questions to answer, especially for one so young. But such questions are essential if you are to find answers IF you are REALLY interested in finding truth.

    Projecting your anger and fear onto those who are not the cause of it only gets you into deeper trouble. The truth shall set you free. Self-deception is a harsh jailer.
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    Gail .

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    Jan 12 2013: Gleb.

    I am sure that what I am about to write will horrify you, but I will answer none-the-less.

    Anyone who is intimately familiar with history from the origins of the Versailles Treaty to 12/31/12, understands that the Arabs (including Palestinians) are acting in self-defense. Imagine that you were living in the Golan Heights and my country came there and kicked you off your land, bombed all the factories, burned your orchards, established settlements around your land so that it could justify never giving it back, and put up a wall that prevented you from coming onto land that your family had own for centuries. When you object, my country inflicts more punishment. When you organize and use weaponry to try to get your rights and property back, you are called a terrorist threat by my country, and my country appeals to the world to put an end to you.

    You see Israel from your own narrow perspective. You have not yet seen the big picture.

    I have a step-son who lives in Israel. He is a hard-liner. I have heard him PROUDLY talk about atrocities that would not be overlooked by any supposedly civilized country.

    If Israel wants to end the war, it should be more interested in peace than land. If Israel wants to be called a democracy, it shouldn't be a theocracy that deprives non-Jews of the same rights that Jews have and it wouldn't have created itself as an apartheid state. If the WHOLE world wanted to help stop the war, the world would withdraw ALL support of any kind from Israel until Israel DEMONSTRATES VERY CLEARLY AND FOR A LONG TIME that it is willing to "play fair".

    Israel gets no sympathy from me. You do, however, until you are old enough to know better. (when you graduate from high school)
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    Jan 10 2013: You're talking about who is attacking first ? well let me ask you somethings,
    -who started this whole thing in the first place ? Isn't Israel the first one who started the war ? Isn't Israel who occupied the Palestinian lands ? Isn't Israel who's killing and torturing and raping the Palestinian lands everyday ? Isn't Israel who violates the international laws in front of the public opinion ?
    Do you remember the war that Israel started against Gaza from :" December 27th 2008 to January 18th 2009".and which I prefer to call ( Aggression on Gaza ) as the balance of powers wasn't equal, you army called this war " מבצע עופרת יצוקה ". I won't give you a history course here. So, you said in you reply to Xavier Belvemont that Hamas is using terror methods, let me tell you that in this war 1417 Palestinians were killed ( 926 civilians, which 412 were kids and 111 women ) and 4336 were injured, while 10 Israeli soldiers were killed,3 civilians, 400 were injured and most of them were just terrified and not physically injured. Israel used white phosphorus munitions during the conflict, and we all know what white phosphorus is. Israel breached the truce more than a 1000 times during the truce, Israel targeted hospitals and health centers during the war, you also targeted the UNRWA office who was providing food and help... So who the hell is using the " terror method"? when it's about palestinians everything is permissible and licit and no one says a word, when it comes to Israelis, you start crying and calling UN and US to help you and protect you when an Israeli citizen was terrified because of a rocket who landed a mile far away and not even exploded !!! you make me feel like you are humans and they are animals or even less!
    Israelis, stop putting yourself in the skin of the victim always cause we got enough from and made us feel sick, when Gaza is attacked i feel upset, when you lie in my face i feel my blood boiling in my veins .For god's sake,When will you feel ashamed ?
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      Jan 10 2013: you saying that israel killed so many people and destroyed so many stuff.. did you asked yourself why the attacked there? i tell you why cause the rockets been shooting from neiborhoods, hospitals, the safes of the rockets and arms is under all those facilitys, dont get me wrong im against killing children and women but not when theyre soldiers who wants to kill me. and again int the war you talking about i was 11 years old im not wrong and you know that an month and a half before i didnt sudied at my school because i couldnt go out of my house because of the rockets and just after a month and a half of bombin the war started so please i belive what i hear and see not what i watch on the internet and TV
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        Jan 10 2013: Very convincing ! If someone came and took your land from you, wouldn't you try to take it back even if you had to use rockets ??? Oh, that's what you do because you think that Palestine is your land ! don't you ? Do you really believe only what you see and hear ? Read history from an external source than your school book, you'll be amazed of the amount of lies that you have been taught because you have one story of Israel, some are true and a lot are wrong ... . I heard once a rabbi talking and i was very amazed when he said that Israel has no land according to the Torah and that they are protesting against Israel and that they fight for a cause which is " eliminate Israel and declaring Palestine as an independent state "
        watch this, it might enlighten you :
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          Jan 10 2013: listen i never said anything about the bible or things about god because i dont belive in this.. but israel have a land here because of the holocaust that we were been through.. and after that israel or palestain if youd like were split into 2 countries and palastine had more lands in this split the israelies whove been here agreed to that while palastines didnt and like i said in comments to XB the nations around attacked us we resisted and captured the lands so its our lands now not palastine and we took more after few years at another war and after one war we gave back Sinay to Egypt in exchange for peace and we gave palastine Gush Katif few years ago but we still beign boomed after we gave back lands. so please if you dont belive what im saying come to my village and feel the reality of leaving 2.2km from gaza while you being bombed. and im not learnig those facts from israeli text book but from world wide sources thats the reason why im chating with you here in TED.
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        Jan 11 2013: Isn't this a confess ? Where were you before ? who was living in palestine before ? So you're the ones who came to Palestine, isn't this occupation ? and does holocaust give you the right to occupy other lands ? holocaust was in Germany, why didn't you go to Germany ? Palestine was occupied by England, and than left for Israel to continue the occupying; The things you do to palestinians are the same as Holocaust I guess. The bombing will continue until they take their lands back and so are you, you will continue to bomb them until they stop bombing you. This a non ending war, if you want peace, look for it in somewhere out of th middle east .
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          Jan 11 2013: we have the right to live here beccause in palestine not only plastine people were living but the zions before the ww2 and we got the right from UN to go and live here.
          and please dont say we are doing holocaust to the palestine because we dosnt put them in gethos and killing them and we dosent making them work for us we suppling them food and very very much food tons of trucks so please they not in condition of holocaust and im saying that becasue its fact that they living very good not all of them but most of them and im saying it because im talking with palestines from gaza in forums online and see their homes by pictures that they are filming.
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        Gail .

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        Jan 12 2013: So there was a holocaust, and Europe so hated Jews that they didn't want to give them German lands in which to establish their state (though the Versailles Treaty gave away MOST german land after WWI - so why not give German land to the Jews?). So in their false kindness, they gave Jews someone else's land AS IF THEY HAD A RIGHT TO DO SO.

        You say that Gazans are living very good? Do you understand how uniformed you are? Do you know what the unemployment rate is? Do you know how dense the population is? Do you know that Israel works diligently to prevent employment, decent housing, access to enough food, educational opportunities, and to deny life-sustaining resources that would make Gaza a "decent" place to live?
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        Gail .

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        Jan 12 2013: Gleb, When you start a story in the middle, the story doesn't make sense. Your story doesn't make sense.
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        Jan 14 2013: Let me ask you something : What is the meaning of the Israeli flag ?
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          Jan 14 2013: really what? i tried to look up, and found only generic things, like the star of david representing judaism in general, the color white is for peace and honesty, blue is loyalty, wisdom, heaven and other things. i wonder what is your point here. are you sure you read the right sources?
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        Jan 14 2013: @Krisztián Pintér ;
        To be honest, no ! there are lot of sources, I tried to avoid the arabs' forums because they all say the same thing, so I did my researches in english and french to try to have multiple versions of the same story, are you sure of yours ? Mine ( my point here ) says that the flag "secretly" represents the desire of Jews to conquer all of the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, which would involve conquering and ruling over much of Egypt, all of Jordan, and some of Syria and Iraq.
        They say it's an allegation but nothing insures the inverse !!! This is one of the meanings, as you picked one of the meanings, why have you chosen to say that the star is the star of david ? are you sure from the source ? cause it means a lot of other things. And to be honest and open, anything that comes from the state of Israel ( this is called official information ) is unbelievable to me.
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          Jan 14 2013: how would you "insure" the nonexistence of an allegedly secret motive? any sort of counterargument just another clue how secret the thing is. the good question is: how do we know it is true? do we have any supporting evidence? i mean, any?
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        Jan 16 2013: You can check this out, this is only the beginning i guess, More supporting evidences can be found by reading history, there are things you can never find unless if you read history written by arabs but you can say that this is not true ! this is something like me trying to tell a christian that Jesus is not the son of god, but he has a book that says that Jesus is god's son and I have a book who says that Jesus is the God's Prophet ! Or me trying to convince you that there is a creator of this universe and you and everything because I read it on a book and learnt it when I was a child,
        this is not about what to believe, this is about what we want to believe !
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        Jan 16 2013: I've forgot to paste the link after "check this out", here it is

        but Never mind, the truth is there for those who want to see it ! Why are we stuck with this flag while there are hundreds of other evidences about Israel's terrorism against Palestinians ? !
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    Jan 10 2013: -You could always stop pre-emptively attacking them
    -You could stop building settlements on their land
    -You could stop taking their land
    -You could allow Palestine to become an official nation
    -You could stop keeping the $100,000,000 that Palestine owns for its infastructure.
    Just a start..

    90% of the issue Israel has with Palestine it brings on itself. Have your government stop being the problem and you won't have to defend yourself, its not a war its called repercussions.
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      Jan 10 2013: yes..
      we not the ones who attack first just for you to know.. im living 2.2 km from the border between Isrel and Gaza so i know who attacking first cause when our forces attack i can hear it...
      we dosent bulid on their land there were an suggestion of land spiliting between the plastines and the us and we did wanted it even when we didnt got all what we asked for and the palastines didnt aree for that.. and after the UK arm forces went back to England the nations around us attacked us and we resisted and by our resistance we got our land so its our land our blood is streaming there..
      just for you to know palastine dont want to become an official nation because then the Hamas organization will need to couporate with the UN and its less effective to them because they useing teror method...
      about the money i dont really know what are you talking about so i wont comment
      but who do you think supplies them foodmedicenelectricity? israel...
      and again im living 2.2 km from the border isee and hear everything that happens there and if you dont belive me come here to my village in few weeks when they start the rocket shooting again and see for yourself how it is...
      and for the last opiration that "Israel started" yes we are the ones who shoot thir leader but not the first who attacked cause before that there was a week or two full of rockets from gaza to israel... and if Gaza wanted to coporate with israel they wouldnt do it with rockets...
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        Jan 10 2013: .
        1. 'we not the ones who attack first just for you to know'
        In the most recent attacks between Isreal and Palestine in November, The Israelis created the conflict by killing several civilians without just cause, one example among many.
        Where I don't personally see the point in firing rockets, I see why they have no intention of letting Israel have a peaceful life if they can prevent it.

        2. 'we dosent bulid on their land there were an suggestion of land spiliting between the plastines and the us and we did wanted it even when we didnt got all what we asked for and the palastines didnt aree for that.'

        Heres Palestines land exchanges since 1946-2000

        The new lines that Israel wanted reduced this further and Israel recently started expanding its territory onto the E1 land mass, land which Israel does not even officially own.

        3. 'just for you to know palastine dont want to become an official nation'
        This is despite Palestine asking for statehood and Israel and America vetoing the opportunity..

        4. "but who do you think supplies them foodmedicenelectricity? israel..."
        Who do you think supplies food, water and electricity to Prisoners? The government..

        5. 'and if Gaza wanted to coporate with israel they wouldnt do it with rockets...'
        I agree the rockets are unnecessary/illogical, but we've all seen exactly what co-operation with Israel means. We'll take your land and keep your money, control your location, and in return you'll accept it without resistance..
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          Jan 10 2013: 1- lets see if there will be rocket launcher from some place that aiming into a city would you let them been after knowing that from similar places for 10 years rockets been shooted? and all what you hear about that we attacking first is including big attacks but dosent including rockest for range of 5 km and below like mines and kasam rockets that falling in my area

          2- first read the whole thing dont just stick to one sentnce from it.
          second all the lands we got were gotten by capturing it at wars than started the nations around.
          about the e1 land you talking it isnt israely lands but it is under the israeli army who again capured it during a war and the people that live there living there not from yesterday but for few years ago and you cant just tell them to leae their houses.

          3- if they wanted to be an ON the were ,

          4- the diffrence that prisoners are the cityzens of the country and gaza isnt so we doing this for people there who want peace. and by the way all the palastines prisoners that captured in israeli prisons getting best education and terms of living in those prisons despite what they crime is.

          5 - Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon (not the hizballa)
          we have peace dont we?
          and another think for you to know what happend when Egypt opened their gate for gaza?? they killed Egyp soldiers took an army vechicle and tried to get into israel. and after that Egypt close the gates either didnt they?
          why? because the are viloent and dont want to leave peacefully not all of them i agree with that but many.. too many of them
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        Gail .

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        Jan 12 2013: Israel can have peace any time it is willing to allow it.
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        Gail .

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        Jan 12 2013: People (your grandparents? great-grandparents?) came onto someone else's land and declared themselves a sovereign nation on that already occupied land. You may not see that as an attack, but most of the world does. You would certainly see it as such if I were to come on your land and declare it my own - casting you out into the streets without safe refuge.

        You might even find weapons and try to use force to get me to give you your land back. Should I call you a terrorist for wanting that which is rightfully yours? Who is the terrorist here?
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          Jan 12 2013: Who is the terrorist?

          Hint: Not the Palestineans.
  • Jan 11 2013: Gleb: It is unfortunate all around that the conditions you describe were arranged by the British Empire before you and I were born. You won't understand this conflict until you go into the History of it. First off , you should recognize that the "Arabs" were a distinguished Empire up until about the 15th century, when the Turks conquered them. They were "occuppied" by the corrupt Turk empire up until WW1. Having joined dthe Alllies, believing our propaganda that we wanted "Self determination" and Democracy, they helped fight the Turks. to defeat. After the War the Arabs were "sold out', and incorporated into the French and British Empires. So Arabs have never had any "Countries", these so called countries, like the Palestine Mandate, were phoney creations of the British under their Rule of "Divide and Conquer". After WW2, the "Winners", including the Brits, finally turned the whole Problem over to the UN. The only reason it was a "problem" was that illegal Zionist immigrants had gradually moved into the area, and numbered around 15% of the population by then, the rest were "Arabs". The UN had no particular right to give the Arabs homelands away to anyone, but opinion leaders in the West, especially Jews, thought that the Arabs were too backward and incompetent to object seriously. Incidentally, the reason they were seen in that light is that the Bedouin guerilla fighters in WW1 had been the most backward and fanatic of the Arabs; just the type you want on your side in a guerilla war, but not so good at runniing a "Nation". So the Arabs were never paid for their land, or had any vote about it at all, they were just kicked out. Since they are really not that stupid , they are aware of this, and will never agree that "Israel " is a real country, though they had no particular dislike for Jews. How could tlhey, they are literally cousins. So, as Pope Paul said, "If you want Peace, work for Justice". Period.
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      Gail .

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      Jan 12 2013: Good explanation, but I think it should be added that Jews and Arabs lived most peaceably together for about 1400 years until the inhabited land was given to outsiders.
  • Jan 11 2013: I think the war is tragic and sad and should end now.